Passover: Thanksgiving’s Jewish Cousin

  • Beitzah (roasted egg): a reminder of renewal and the circle of life.
  • Z’roa (shank bone): represents the sacrifice of the lamb on the original Pesah.
  • Maror (bitter herbs, usually horseradish): a reminder of the bitterness of slavery and exile.
  • Karpas (vegetable, usually parsley, celery, or potato): something green for spring dipped in saltwater and eaten as a reminder of the tears shed during slavery.
  • Charoset (apples, nuts, spices, and wine): its sweetness represents freedom while it also symbolizes the mortar used by Jewish slaves to build Egyptian bricks. I made some Moroccan Charoset for class and it was amazing!
  • Chazeret (second bitter herb, usually lettuce): symbolizes the bitterness of enslavement.



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Kara Rubinstein Deyerin

Kara Rubinstein Deyerin

I was raised half black but had a DNA surprise. I’m an NPE (not parent expected), Jewish, mom, wife, writer, cook, knitter, and connoisseur of all things human.